“Hands down, or up, your choice, the best tailgating accessory of the century!”

-pretty much everyone

This is the Beering Aid. The world’s best accessory for your canned beverage. It encompasses all of the things that make it possibly the best invention of all time. It has magnets and it holds cans of beer. It is wearable and comes with a belt clip (no other accessories needed). It is your all in one drinking device that will change your life and evoke envy in all those who see you.
It’s a can cooler that keeps your beverage at a delicious temperature and makes your life easier. And at least one doctor has probably said that magnets in that close of proximity to your beverage will make your entire life better. You can now hold your beverage on your hip and leave your hands free for all of those other thing you like to do…rock, paper, scissors without fear. You’ll finally be able to handle that oversized plate of food, your fork, rolls, your dessert plate AND your beer. Don’t play fast and loose with gravity and poorly handle your beverage.

Beering Aid answers the worlds most important questions!

Will this one item enrich your life in ways that you never imagined.
Will it allow you to high-five all of your friends while holding your beer.
Can you store it on your fridge so you don’t lose it in your plethora of other “Koozies?”
Can you run a triathlon with it on your hip?
NO! NO YOU CAN’T! Why would you run with beer?!
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